Our Team: creative

Oliver Anderson-videographer

Oliver Anderson

irocku videographer

Oliver Anderson is a cinematography graduate from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Oliver has had the honor of working on projects for Paramount, HBO, MTV, BET, CBS, Microsoft and countless music videos and commercials. Oliver brings limitless passion, energy and creativity to irocku. Oliver is a classically trained pianist but is not workng on becoming a rocker.  Oliver has an iPod full of indie  rock, electronic, pop, rock and hip-hop.

Yang Nie-web developer

Yang Nie

irocku web developer

Yang is a web developer extraordinaire. He has over twenty years of IT experience and is highly proficient in large-scale web application design, development and support.  Yang's career  includes  complex system and web development for companies such as Verizon and Priceline and we are thrilled that he decided to help out with irocku. Yang is a classical music fan but we're slowly turning him into a rocker.

Veronica Pomilla-videographer

Veronica Pomilla

irocku videographer

Veronica Pomilla is a filmmaker from Southern Maryland. She shoots and edits for IROCKU, though she also has experience in the art department and production. Past employers include Saturday Night Live, Adult Swim and Fuse. She took piano lessons for ten years and often eschewed practicing her more formal pieces for her “100 Classic Rock Hits!” songbook, so the mission of IROCKU is close to her heart.

Lainey Fink-web designer

Lainey Fink

irocku web designer

Lainey was born and raised in the woods in New York State where she was immersed in art (and great classic rock) from an early age. After earning a BFA in Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Lainey began her career working with iconic designer, Milton Glaser. She continues to create with some of the best designers in the field. Lainey develops branding, identity, packaging, print, interactive, and advertising for a broad range of clients. When not designing, she can be found playing tennis, hiking, snowboarding and listening to Fleet Foxes and the Beatles.

Matt Haenlin-web developer

Matt Haenlin

irocku web developer

Matt is a musician and a web magician. Matt has been building websites and web applications for clients for over ten years. Matt gets juiced by bringing ideas to life on the web. Matt enjoys slapping the bass and writing heavy guitar riffs with his band Cart Blanch.

Ryan Donohue Web Developer

Ryan Donohue

irocku web developer

Thankfully, Ryan is far better at building web sites than he is at playing music. He has spent the last eight years developing web based applications for organizations of all shapes and sizes and is fascinated by all the ways technology touches our lives. He's very much looking forward to finally learning to use a non-qwerty keyboard and tackling the irocku lessons; beginning with level one.