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Sample Lesson!

Just a quick note to say how much I'm enjoying the lessons. I've bought the two professor longhair's. And anticipate moving onto the other New Orleans and blues pieces. I'm enjoying the clarity of the lessons...Well done on the site, think it's great.


I absolutely love the lesson selection and I think its awesome the way that you have organized the levels progressively!


Thanks Chuck and team. I’m really enjoying & learning from the lessons I’ve tackled so far.


Pure enjoyment. Working on Midnight Rider. Can’t wait to get that down. After that, the Doors.


Chuck, and I'm really enjoying the lessons so far. The one thing I liked about the sample lesson, and this has carried through to the others I have studied, is the amount of quality of exercises which I felt I needed to improve my dexterity. I am very happy with these and everything else .... I'm coming from a place where I have a great background in theory, and have been a bass player for years, but have finally started attacking the piano which I have wanted to do for years, mainly to improve my ear training, as far as chordal inversions and voicing are concerned, and it has helped immensely. thank you for offering such a well thought out program!!

Rick C

I've been an avid student for 3 years now and I really enjoy the lessons. They've expanded my playing and I've even incorporated some of the songs and licks into a classic rock/R&B band I play in. My biggest challenge has always been rhythm and timing, and a lot of these songs help with that by making me work on cross rhythms and a solid left hand.

Tom W

Chuck and team, I'm having great fun with the lessons. Thanks


I must tell you how much I have enjoyed the lessons. Chuck has always been my favorite piano player!

David K

I love the lessons!...Each lesson is so deep given the improvs and exercises. It takes time to dig into each one fully... I like how each level has new things in the improv sections. Your approach for providing online video lessons is very good. You keep making lessons and I will keep buying them!


..this(IROCKU) is perfect for me. ...I am carving more time for piano every day, and totally look forward to more of the stuff on your site. And, I wanted to say thanks! The site is great, and all the music you have made over all the years is really inspirational.


A million thanks for this site, which I fortunately stumbled upon. I've long been a fan of Professor Longhair's music and have spent countless hours trying to figure out exactly what he's doing. It was so great to find Tipitina and Hey Now Baby on your site. The lessons are structured so logically and build on each other, I'm easily able to find the level that I'm comfortable starting with and go from Well done.I look forward to more New Orleans piano tunes!

Jeff M

I just subscribed yesterday, and was able to spend some time getting familiar with all that is included with learning one of these songs. I am so pleased! Between the groove chart, the exercises, and the improv that are all included, I can see how much more insight I will gain than just learning the song itself. Great job Chuck and team...thanks so much. I've never seen such insight! I feel this is really going to help me.


May I first start by saying thank you - I have struggled for years to find a source of blues & rock piano for advanced players (my background is classical). I think the material on the irocku site is absolutely superb, and I have found the transcriptions, lesson & improvisation videos a tremendous help. I recommend your site to friends who are beginners and seasoned players alike as I can't think of anything else to touch it at present, beyond individual tuition. In short, I love irocku (even if I do harbour a mild hatred for the ridiculously talented pianist in many of the lesson videos).


Lessons are brilliant. thanks!!


I really love the lessons, ... would love more keyboard solos like the one in Honky Tonk Woman...!!!

Ruth Ann

I love it!! Your approach to music lessons meets my needs and then some. I really like the video as part of the lessons, it makes the lesson much easier to understand. I ordered level 7 to make sure I am challenged, I sure am, will take some time to master it.


I'm enjoying the lessons very much. Starting up again after a number of years my main challenges have been getting the left and right hands to work independently of each other, especially with some of the more challenging rhythms in a lot of the songs. But, the suggestions in the videos are very helpful with this. I have a tendency to want to jump right ahead to level 7 right away and it's definitely better to work up to that level...I'm really very happy with everything.


First I'd like to say I think this site and program are awesome! Exactly what I've been looking for to play the style and songs I love.

Probably like many of the players using this site, I took piano lessons when I was younger for several years, and my playing fell by the wayside due to other commitments and now am able to get back in to it. I'm a pure hobby pianist and really do need to read music to play, but I am trying to get more in to putting things together by ear...

Thanks again for everyone who is contributing to this site, I definitely see it as a lifelong investment!


I returned to rock piano as an adult after classical training as a teenager...I work with a live local piano teacher, but not every week. She's been coaching me on how to get the feel of a song first - like your groove charts! I love the exercises and the improv portions. And the .. song choices on the site look great!


I am enjoying my lessons quite a bit...I play all of the main instruments guitar, Drums and Keyboards Bass I 'm quite busy. But your lessons have helped me play Rock keyboards where I was pretty clueless before despite having played professionally for a few years...I'm a singer so I always just played accompaniment ...But now I can jam on the keyboards ... Thanks Guys...I really like the way you package each song and cover all the different aspects...


Well, I’m SOLD. Hook line and sinker. What a great website and cool tunes to boot! I am most impressed.

What I love is that these tunes are most like the original songs, in that it’s not some sheet music with a tapped in “melody line” (like typically seen in a music book). This encourages real learning- not just sight reading or sounding out notes in chords etc... I don’t think I have ever seen music being taught and presented in such a way- so as to allow the student to learn that the chords/notes are set out in a way that is so conducive to improvisation! That is truly a new and exciting way of piano instruction, to my mind. What is so beneficial and enlightening is that the student is challenged and encouraged to explore the music through progressions/riffs and improvisation with various levels of difficulty. For a pianist to be able to take those skills and improvisational ideas into other music pieces is a crucial and enlightening “a-ha” mind shift.

The tunes are also geared toward playing along in a band type situation. Not straight melody lines. I love that aspect... I have had the benefit of many years of classical music piano training, and while I still love the genre, when I get playing in our band on our modern music (rock and roll, country, blues, folk & some jazz) I wish I had managed (years ago) to somehow get beyond playing the “music” on the page (sight reading), to be able to find a place where I would feel more comfortable and confident to work on improvising. That isn’t really taught well in classical music instruction. Perhaps things have changed now, but years ago, this was not the focus of piano lessons. It is this aspect of teaching piano that is the hardest to do. I have looked for a long time to find the “right” teacher who could assist me to do this, with not much luck, I’m afraid. This website allows me to try it out- and it’s just plain FUN! I am so happy I found your website!.

That’s it from me for today. I am over the moon playing “Such a Night” Level 5. Dr John...I love it!! Some very interesting moves in that tune that I love. Good challenges and I love the change up in the tempos and the riffs. Wow. It’s a great one. It’s been a ton of years since I played piano like I love it. How unfortunate that I never felt inspired much to pursue it for so many years. I guess our band has refreshed my memory that I shouldn’t have done that! Sure is fun catching up though, and I’m on the hunt to expand my piano skills and gain confidence in playing in our band. Your website: reveille and enlightenment. Play on!! Thank you so much.


Chuck- I am so grateful for all your time, efforts and kindness in promoting the joys of music and playing this beautiful wonderful instrument-the piano!


Your site is the best thing that happened to piano! The lessons and everything are awesome!


I have to tell you guys what a great delight your lessons have been to me over the last year. Although I lead a very busy life I try to make a little time each day to play the piano and it's been an enormously rewarding and joyful experience to get some of these pieces under my fingers! Thank you so much for the whole concept, and the care and skill with which you have managed to share it with the rest of us.


Really enjoying the lessons... Great course!


I've been waiting a long time for a site like this to come on board . . .please keep innovating and producing killer training video's . . . . this site could be Iconic over time. I've been playing piano for 45 years . . . some of this comes easy . . some doesn't my fingers won't do want they used too. But I'm playing songs I did not think I would ever play . . .I thank you for that. . . . I'll play till I die and you are one of my favorites....Anyway thanks again for putting up this site . . I look forward to learning
everything you put up.


I’m thrilled about the material you provide on your site and I am very happy about the several individual lessons I have purchased…Although music is a true love for me, I am the founder and CEO of a tech startup and struggle to find time daily to practice or play. I occasionally get out to play in some rock bands, but not as much as I would like to. Although I was classically trained growing up, I struggled with sight-reading. I have found that your video lessons are a quick way for me to learn a tune and then have time to “play” with it...your lessons have become a valuable resource for me. Thanks for all you do.


Keep up the good work, your lessons are excellent !


Love the site.


Chuck- I love your site!


Chuck, thank you for setting up this site, it's been very helpful to me and I appreciate you taking the time to put it all together, I'm sure you are hearing the same thing from many players out there. Been a huge fan for many years and so good to see this material available to all of us.


Chuck,thank you, you ARE the man!!!


I am very much enjoying the lessons! I can tell a huge difference in just two weeks of practice! Everything is very easy to navigate....Thank you!


After losing the use of my ring finger on my left hand a few years ago, (fairly polished professionally working guitarist, some keyboards, and share of vocals) I threw in the towel. There was no way I could ever to play to my standards of 43 years, so I quit. Believe me, I stunk a lot of things up trying. However, I was a HUGE A.B.B fan all this time, but couldn't figure Chuck's intricacies by ear. Collin is truly a great instructor, his feel for each song, and and his gift of portraying that feel through his graceful, yet to the point comments. I may still have some gigs in me left now!!
This program is truly a GODSEND!


"Little Martha"-This piece is actually magnificent and your site is really very well made, just like your lessons.


So cool just love you guys…Workin on Jessica now…Wow what a great song!


Chuck-I am having a great time learning piano, the lessons you and your team have put together for 'Hey Now' is excellent. It's awesome to have the song broken down to more manageable arrangements and with the sheet music and all the videos included it is foolproof.


Your lessons are best thing that has happened to me in years; I've put in my papers and retired: I can play Professor Longhair and Ray Charles - unbelievable!


Chuck-I was very surprised at how much your lessons content I've ever is obvious to me that whomever is involved has made an extreme effort to ensure the success of your students...I'm very excited to work on the material...!!!


You guys came up with a great idea, and are executing it flawlessly. Hands down best music site I've ever seen.


Thanks so much for these lessons...They lessons are exactly what i've been looking for. The format you have come up with is awesome. The only problem is I'm now neglecting other things I should be doing around the house because I don't want to get up from the piano! Thanks again for all the work you put into this site.


I absolutely love this site! Thanks for the great service.


Hey Chuck! I tried a sample lesson and loved it! I pop around the web trying different tutorials while trying to learn specific rock piano tunes, and I must tell you that you have really separated your site from the others when it comes to learning the theory behind the song and particularly helping those who want to learn to improvise within a song. For years now, i have wondered if anyone was going to be able to teach piano this way over the internet, and I am happy to tell you that you have done it! Congratulations and thank you!


I really like the stuff you cover and the way your team teaches it...It's a great resource and brilliantly pitched, especially for my generation. Loads of people my age (40-something) were totally put off the piano when they were young due to the turgid lessons, and this was at a time when every second tune on the radio was a classic. A bit nostalgic but you'll know what I mean. Anyway, keep up the good work and all the best.


I LOVE these lessons! I play in a rock covers band, and these have really helped me add new cool licks to some pieces, and more importantly teach me how to make them part of my playing vocabulary.


Stumbled across your site and am so thrilled.....I wore out vinyl listening to songs over and over with headphones to get licks down....that was many years I am inspired to play again.... I am practicing and having a blast! I am working on Alberta mostly lesson 7 but sometimes 6 if my dairy farmer cracked and bleeding fingers are too sore to play. Can't do grace notes when the sides of every finger hurt like hell!

Thanks for the irocku site. I look forward to enjoying each new lesson....keep up the good work!


I am enjoying the lessons very much. The amount of possibilities in each lesson is amazing, and so is the material. It is both challenging and approachable. This is a very motivating lesson method.


I love the lesson format and my band is much impressed with the improvement already!


I LOVE IROCKU. I am an advanced level pianist and this is the first time I've found a website with such good selection and arrangements.

Marie E

Chuck-You deserve to be sainted. I wish I could reclaim all the money I've spent on on-line lessons to redirect that all to you and your site. I can play Tipitina!!! That's a miracle of gargantuan proportions. Please submit that miracle to the Vatican when the consistory takes up your sainthood...(You only need one miracle more...). Your prices are ridiculously modest and your lessons are so rewarding, rich, and complete that you’ve earned sainthood many times over. (I now put Professor Longhair's C Major 'bugle call' softly into Chopin's Piano Concerto in F minor, second movement.)

Steve R

My son just recently performed with the Music Honor Society and played four irocku songs. He always closes it out with What'd I Say (level 7 now) and I can't tell you the amount of enthusiastic feedback that he gets. So many ask him where he gets these songs and he is sooo proud to talk about irocku! These songs are what keeps him going. I had three people at this last show ask me if he has an agent...!

Piper C

You have a very unique and organic platform, something that demands real talent be applied, not a fast food prize from a reality show. It's the sort of message that I believe needs to be spread further instead of the “industry is falling, the industry is falling’ rubbish we hear from manufactured artists and labels...

Paul Cashmere, iHeartRadio and

I love you guys. There is no other place on the planet where you can get this type of stuff! I’ve been working hard on blues riffs and comping with the mixolydian mode – and this will really help me! ...I just purchased the Alberta lesson. I’m really looking forward to it.

Lee B

"Alberta". Thank you! I love that song.


I couldn’t be happier with what you are providing. As a former professional player, I’ve been a fan for years. After a 28-year hiatus, your lessons have been an unbelievable boost to my progress in reviving my piano abilities for a return to pro playing.…a big Thank You to you all. Also, major kudos to Collin for your arrangements and teaching abilities, keep it up!

FYI, I saw/heard you, Chuck, with Alex Taylor’s band in Lincoln Nebraska when you were the opening act for the ABB. I was instantly a fan of your playing, and remain so. Thanks for sharing your talents through Irocku.


...thank you all for the brilliant program you have put together.
I'm a 61 year old classically trained piano player who hasn't had a whole lot in the way of formal lessons since high school, but have managed to keep my fingers working and learned a few random pieces along the way, with some (truthfully, less than stellar) forays into various musical avenues. For quite a while I've had a hankering to get into some New Orleans style piano and suchlike: music that is fun to play and to listen to.
Imagine my delight when I stumbled on your site and found the lesson for "Tipitina". I've learned so much just from this one piece in a short time (am now playing level 7 with relative fluidity) and it has brought me enormous pleasure.
The combination of videos, lessons, exercises, etc is amazingly effective and works perfectly for a motivated (if normally slow!) learner like me. I can literally sit for three or four hours working away at various aspects and still not be bored. The sense of progress and accomplishment is fantastically rewarding. In a sense I have had many of the pieces to be a reasonably competent pianist but your approach is helping me to put them all together in a unique and fun way. Of course, I still have a long long way to go!
But on to "Such a Night" and "Jessica": the fun continues …Thanks again for the thoughtful and comprehensive program. Keep it coming!


Totally love IROCKU…after all the hours I have spent trying to figure out the solo on “Come & Go Blues” by ear – it’s incredible to have an actual transcription!


Chuck-I just wanted to tell you how great your program is...IROCKU is a perfect site for me to learn will definitely accelerate my playing abilities!! Thank you so much! I love your site!


Your service is unbelievable!


I am a 38 year old music teacher. I have played piano in bands for my entire life ...
I have tried for a few years now to find a way to learn your solos because you and Johnnie johnson are my favorite piano players...I just found your Irocku website and I do not know if I have been this excited for a long time. So just wanted to say THANK YOU and I can't believe that I finally get to figure out what you were doing on Jessica!!




I couldn't be happier with what am learning from your web site. First of all I am 71 years old and have been playing music all my life on guitar and piano. I have been playing mostly by ear and chords, but frankly I have limited myself by this method. Nothing like a video combined with the sheet music to really learn a piece. I have been working on "Right Place, Wrong Time" and "Southbound". I started the Dr. John piece at lesson 3 and went to lesson 5. I've got it just about totally smoothed out... on Southbound, I decided to go right to lesson 5 instead .... With a lot of practice... it has come together except for the triplets over 1/4 notes at the end. But I know that will come shortly with more practice.

You guys have opened up a new musical chapter in my life, Thanks. Thanks.


I think the lessons are really great. Very well done, with the increasing levels of difficulty. Great choice of tunes. Keep 'em coming.


Today was one of the best professional development workshops I’ve ever attended. I’m still “there” and probably won’t be able to think of anything else for quite a while… The workshop was magical in every respect, and Chuck, besides being rock royalty, is just the nicest, most humble person anyone could imagine! No airs…no attitude….just a warm, engaging and brilliant musical giant. Talk about letting talent speak for itself!! I can never thank you(IROCKU) enough for bringing him to meet our NYC music teachers. They’ll never forget it, and neither will I.

Barbara Murray- Director or Music, NYC DOE

Damn. You guys are the real deal. I came across a 1-4 blues vamp on the site and it was close to what took me hours to figure out on my own. This is exactly what I'm looking for!


The IROCKU lessons are great (and understandable) and the sheet music is fantastic…the lessons are the only ones (to me, that is) that feel good as a solo piece.
Thanks for the music


Hi Chuck, I am enjoying the lessons. I like the way they build up through the lessons and also the songs are great.


I am loving the lessons!


I have a classical background and have found these lessons a great tool to expand my range beyond what’s just written on the page...I’d strongly recommend getting the annual membership... You get access to all the songs, and there’s not a clunker in the bunch! And no, I don’t work for IROCKU, I’m just a satisfied customer.


IROCKU team,
I love this course. Great tunes you’ve supplied and a very helpful approach to learning at different levels.... I have been a member for less than a month, but am really lovin this site! I've probably spent more time at the piano this month than any over the past 40 years or so that I've played. I can play a decent level 6 on three of the songs so far and can't wait to get into more. After playing the same types of songs for what seems like forever, these lessons have added a whole new perspective to my music. I've tried other self-help jazz and blues piano books/CDs, but haven't been able to really progress with them. ...Thanks


Thanks so much for this great 'Come and Go Blues' lesson!
I'm a classical piano player and am just getting started in improvisation and comp. Seeing the sheet music really helped it sink in for me - I was trying to learn the solo by ear and it was taking me weeks! With the sheet music I got it in 2 hours. :-)


Hi Chuck, Good stuff. Really appreciate the arrangements ... They sound great the way you put them together.


Chuck-I’m loving the irocku site and lessons. I took the years subscription at intermediate level so I have plenty to be getting on with. I now love to practice every day.


Chuck, I really like the way you have set up these lessons with the downloadable sheet music and the corresponding video to show how the lesson is supposed to sound. It makes learning much easier. I was raised with a piano in the house and had to take classical lessons a good part of my childhood. I never liked classical music, to stiff and formal. Boogie Woogie, and Jazz always talked to me so that has been my avenue for the past years. I'm 71 years of age and still playing on a daily basis...Thanks for putting all this together.


While listening to Southbound the other day, I started searching the internet to find something that would help me learn the groove of the song on the piano, and I stumbled onto your website. I watched the sample lesson and whipped out my credit card and immediately bought the advanced subscription.

I've been playing piano all my life, but I've always had trouble finding good, true arrangements of songs. But the quality of the songs on irocku is excellent, and so is the instruction. Collin does a great job breaking songs down and explaining some of the theory without getting bogged down. Having a Classical background, I've always struggled with left-hand rhythms of rock songs, and the groove charts have made a huge difference. I play in a local classic rock band, and I'm looking forward to incorporating some of these riffs into my playing.

Chuck, I've been a huge fan of yours for a long time... You're blessed with a remarkable talent...Thank you for sharing your talents and these songs on irocku with other piano players like me. I'm looking forward to learning all of these songs as well as seeing what new ones y'all come up with. I wish you much success with the website!


I can't believe I'm actually playing something like Rockin' Pneumonia……Thankyou!


The lessons are fantastic … broken down in the right way for all levels combining three different ways of learning: listening, sheet music, looking at what the teacher plays (as often as I want) … it is very helpful to be able to watch his fingers. The last thing is really important to me as just from listening and reading, I would think the lessons were too difficult for me but taking all three together I can figure it out now, something I was never able to do before. Life changing.


Your site and pedagogy is great. Keep on with the great work.


Chuck-Thank you so much for your lessons! I love the instruction with video and sheet music to follow. I love this style of music and have been trying to learn on my own for many years but am making faster progress through your lessons.


I'm thrilled to have found your site - your approach is so smart and scalable (no pun intended) ... I've been playing guitar for 30 years and recently bought my first piano. Jerry Lee Lewis, the late Nicky Hopkins and of course, you, are my greatest piano influences. Having seen the Stones 18 times since 1972, I consider myself a loyal fan. Just can't get enough and I'm so excited to have found your site. It's the closest I'll ever get to a personal lesson from "the master".


Thank you so much Chuck for these lessons. For me a dream comes true, because when I was 7 I saw you in Eric clapton's MTV unplugged and since this day I've never stopped playing. I'm 24 now. Irocku is the perfect way to learn different kinds of music without any tension.....Thank you again.


What a great concept and idea. I am learning my favorite song starting at my level and working my way up. Love it. Thanks!!


I love these lessons and the website. What a fantastic learning resource!


Chuck-Many thanks for your excellent music site...Excellent stuff!


Absolutely love the lessons. You have created a life changing, important service here for anyone who loves piano and wants to improve. I look forward to my lessons everyday and can't thank you enough for quality of the product you have created. It's far, far ahead of anyone else... I'm more than enjoying the lessons, I'm truly amazed at how great the product is. For years I've been trying to find a method of training that takes me where I'd like to go... Being able to jam with a band (like Chuck!). The whole product is very well put together from the different levels, the sheet music that accompanies them and the videos. It's perfect and I know it was a lot of work to pull it all together so thanks to you and all the members of the team. You're doing a great thing here.


IROCKU is a real gift... Thanks for sharing.


Love your site!


Chuck-Just letting you know I have recently discovered your site and I think it is great. I love the style of music you play and transcriptions that are actually what is played, as opposed to just following the vocal melody.


Chuck, ...the lessons are fantastic. I thank you for coming up with the concept so that people like me can play better piano and access a wide range of music.


The site is really fabulous. For some time I was very frustrated trying to learn “What I'd Say” from Ray Charles…I decided to purchase the intermediate version of the song which turned out to be a great idea. It makes it much easier on you when you can go from easier to more complex. The videos, coupled with the PDF music sheet versions, are fantastic. If you put the video in QuickTime Player and adjust the A/V control, you can play whatever you want at half speed, making viewing chord inversions much easier on you.

I dived in running the videos of the groove chart and the lesson on level 3 (for starters) many times until it became ingrained. I went to the piano and it happened quickly. Honestly, I am really happy because this has breathed new life into my playing. I was getting bored and frustrated trying to eventually play the music (like the songs on your site) without these tools. Now I can really progress.

My complements to Chuck, and the Team - you put together a really fabulous site. It was very well thought out and inspired!


I just think this is a great site you put together. Giving back after all these years. Fantastic! … you’ve got the best site to learn this style of playing. Very Cool Stuff!


I wanted to let you know that I'm very satisfied with the lessons and I enjoy the way it is explained, with the videos and music sheets. It's easy to understand. Thank you!


I am enjoying the lessons very much! …This is a great site. I think Collin is an exceptionally good teacher….Maybe I will upload a video some time. That's neat that you provide feedback. Thanks!


This is a great program! ...Although I have been playing in bands for years, I see that I have relied on bass players, and need to strengthen my left hand and my coordination of both hands.

I had two gigs this weekend and my chops are most definitely improving from the course. Thanks...!


I’m loving these lessons. The videos and sheet music are very clear and extremely well done!! Thank you for this offering. Chuck, you are my favorite keyboard player!!!


Whoa!!! I just ordered 14 of these babies. They are unbelievably good. I'm so pleased to have found this site. It's a goldmine. Thanks for such a high quality product. What an opportunity to get lessons from someone of the caliber of Chuck Leavell and transcriptions of his parts on so many songs. I had no idea I was getting so much stuff… These lessons are simply fantastic, in terms of the amount and quality of material you receive. Keep 'em coming. More Chuck doing Stones songs. More anything. This is really first rate.

The best value out there for learning and improving piano in this wonderful genre. Thank you very much.


The IROCKU lessons are great! I've been playing the piano for 30 years, but haven't taken any serious lessons for about the last 15 years. I found that I had a talent for playing by ear, and wanted to learn how to improv better. I really like how you have seven or so different levels for each song. Even for someone like me who has been playing for 30 years, each level was very beneficial.


Your lessons are awesome! I love them! I've learned all the New Orleans stuff and I'm craving for more i.e. the likes of Dr. John, Prof. Longhair, James Booker, Jon Cleary etc. Also some soulier/funkier stuff would be great: Stevie Winwood, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and I don't resist some organ filled classics either...Thanks for the great site!


Chuck, thank you from the bottom of my heart for starting irocku. I’ve been getting by with generic style advice I glean from a few books, ... or youtube videos plus a precious few US-released transcriptions, whose difficulty and accuracy are very variable to put it nicely. So many of the melodies, harmonies, and rhythms are just completely wrong, and the ones that get it right are usually so comprehensive that they are better for museums than a gigging keyboardist. Simpler monophonic solos I can pick out by ear, but by and large I’m helpless.

You guys get it right. You integrate learning and general musicianship into the lessons, provide both the specific note-by-note transcription as well as the global groove map so we know where we are in the big picture, and all in a multi-tiered structure for many ability levels. Damn!!!


Chuck-Everything you need to know about Rock n Roll piano is contained in measures 50 and measure 56 in the level 7 transcription of “Jessica”. If you master those motifs in as many keys as possible, and use them as springboard ideas to develop and extend, the you have something to work on for a lifetime. Thanks!!!


I love what you guys are doing and how you're doing it- there's lots of tutorials out there but no one is doing it as well is you guys - Thanks again!


Thanks for the excellent site! I've been practicing like crazy after I got the membership. I especially like the New Orleans type piano lessons like Prof. Longhair and Dr. John...Best wishes!


I'm really loving the lessons. It's really difficult to find a piano teacher out here that will specialize in rock piano. Coming across your site was a blessing. I'm learning so much so quickly and I've never been so motivated to learn scales!
The format of the lessons and scales are great…I love it - can't wait to see what songs will be added next!! Thank you!


I just wanted to say that after years of starting, and stopping learning piano because I couldn’t find a teaching method that worked for me, I am finally making great progress even after just the sample lesson. It really helps that everything is there, the music, the groove chart, the vidoes so you can see the music, hear how it sounds and see where the hands go all in one place, and the song selection is fantastic. Thanks very much for doing this!


I'm really enjoying the lessons and like the fact that they are on 7 levels, so that I can still play great songs even though I have so much yet to be learned... I'm an adult who never learned to read music except VERY haltingly. These lessons have enjoyable material that I can play in the intermediate level with the hope of progressing to a higher level in the future. I think I can hear myself making progress every day. They're the best online option I've found without a doubt...Thanks for making learning so much fun!


Loving your lessons, I have a lifetime job now of mastering the music!


Oh my god, this is such a great site!


I've been following you guys for a while and I'm enjoying every song tutorial very much. Your teaching style and piano material is the best on the web!


I have to say, IROCKU is the best tool I've found to improve my playing and I love the selection of music. In particular, I like the different levels. My level is about level five, but I enjoy taking the same song and working on the level 6 and 7 also. The worksheets are excellent, and streaming on the iPad works great for working at the piano. I've put together a playlist of the songs that you have on the website to listen to while slowly working through the list this next year.

I'm a self-taught pianist who took about 20 years off, and just got back into playing a few months ago. It's been the best decision I've made!


I think the lessons are great, and exactly what I've been looking for - great bluesy rock. I love the song selection and the tiered approach. Thanks!


Hello Chuck!! I love the lessons at IROCKU! Thank you for creating this website.


Just want to thank you for this site. It’s extremely useful. I do the levels 5-7, and they’re great. The whole idea of moving from simple to complex, and the idea of the groove charts – brilliant. Also very nice that you include fingering.

I personally get a lot out of the lessons and transcriptions of the improvisations. For example, the Level 7 improv of "Come and Go Blues", especially when it breaks into the triplets at measure 5. Wow, I have practiced that now in every key until I can do it at speed, and what an addition to my playing.

Same for the Level 7 Improv of "Southbound", and several others.

Anyway, thanks for the site. And congrats on the Stones tour!


Your site is AMAZING! I like all the others am loving your site – so incredibly helpful!


I am loving the lessons...I think I am finally getting better at 16th notes. I am impressed with the way you teach using the different levels. All those funky rhythms are hard for me, but so rewarding when I start to catch on. Thanks!


I am fully enjoying the first lesson!! IROCKU addresses my biggest need (coordinating the left & right hand in a sophisticated manner) through a teaching style that entertains me. I vastly prefer listening to the lesson over reading printed sheet music...For me, Hannon exercises & note-by-note reading offer progress at the expense of fun. Jamming, on the other hand, is great fun but does not always stretch my ability. With IROCKU, there is no tradeoff of enjoyment for progress--the two are coming hand in hand!


I am enjoying the lessons. I found the site because I have a 15 year old student who wanted to play "Shine a Light" and she is a beginner, so this is perfect. She is on level 2 and I am plugging away at 6 and 7. I really like your emphasis on rhythm and counting and I think the approach is very pragmatic and doable for the average person , not just the few elite players.


Hi! Love everything you guys do! Chuck got me into playing with his Statesboro blues tutorial on youtube, so when I discovered this I had to subscribe…..Thanks for maintaining such a great site!


Your lesson material is really really good. I'm a big fan of Chuck's.
I love that I can start out on level 5 and progress to level 7. Some of the songs I'm working on level 7 but the improv is more complicated, so, I am working on level 5 until I can progress. It's great!
Thanks that you care what people think and that you give such quick responses to questions and concerns. MUSIC IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL!!!


First, Congratulations on this site.... way back a few years ago I begged you to do another DVD from your site.... and indeed you have done it to the power of 10... I found IROCKU almost by accident via youtube... I just thought it was another talented youngster doing the gospel lesson, I am so glad I clicked over....I am so thankful for you "giving back" to the music community .... They said Oscar Peterson was taken to heaven because God wanted piano lessons... I think there is a special place for you as well..Blessing and be peaceful.


Gentleman you’re all so generous with your hard earned knowledge. I will do all I can to take all of this and use it, but also I'll share it and keep this skill alive and rockin.


Love the site and love the lessons!


The sample lesson sold me. IROCKU is a wonderful way to move ahead musically!!!


Chuck, Just signed up for your lessons. I've been looking for something like this and I feel you're the world's best piano player for the kind of music I like. I'm rockin happy!!


I think your site is brilliant! I love the lessons that I downloaded. Your system of having written, visual, and aural teaching is the most helpful instruction that I've ever had.


Chuck, Thanks for creating this website. There is a severe lack of rock-piano teaching on the web. The Allman Brothers and the Stones always inspired my interest in rock piano. Consequently I've been searching for a teacher that understands the music but it's hard to find anyone qualified - most teachers come from (and stick to) a classical background...While I enjoy classical music, blues/rock piano is a different genre and it deserves more recognition. I have rarely seen this style of music properly transcribed so I shy away from buying transcriptions because it just doesn't sound right. I'm not the greatest player yet so I need some guidance. I'm definitely your target market.
I've been a fan of your music, and thanks to you and your contempories this style of music is permanently on the musical map.


I am so excited about the things I am learning. I play country gospel for a small church in my area, and I am enjoying learning more about rock music... I love the way you teach.


Greetings, Chuck,
I stumbled across irocku a few days ago. What an awesome website! Great song selection with very helpful lessons and authentic arrangements, particularly the note-for-note transcription of the solo on Jessica. I’m currently working my way through four songs and I’m sure there will be many more.


Hi! I love IROCKU! Thank you so much.


SATISFACTION! I am using IROCKU for the first time and loving it! Learning Rockin' Pneumonia--was trying to learn it from my piano teacher AND on my own and your method just totally put it all together for me. Thanks a million!

Jan K

Just want to let you know that I am loving the lessons. I really enjoy how they are broken up into different levels that become more and more interesting as you progress. Keep up the good work.


I'm really glad I came to know the IROCKU Project. I find the project idea amazing. Sometimes it's very hard to find good arrangements and tutorials which are really capable of teaching us how to master popular rhythms. The Groove Charts are awesome! Keep rockin'


I write some of my own songs, sing and muddle through a bunch of chords I memorized as a kid. I chanced upon your website when someone mentioned your name. I'm thrilled with all the information you have to offer... I'm excited about it all and will keep moving forward note by note. Thanks for sharing!


I am primarily a sax player but have been teaching myself piano for several years. I love the irocku lessons. It gives me something to strive for. Also love the Groove Charts. Keep them coming. Great Job!


I think you guys have a great site and I really enjoy it. Great selection of songs, and I like the approach – almost like having a friend in your house showing you some great tricks of the trade. Please tell Chuck, I think he has a great thing going with his site.


I am so excited to have discovered your website!! I am 42 … and I have never played an instrument before or read music and am finally realizing a lifelong dream of learning to play the piano and it's great! … I just want to rock that piano… I purchased a membership to work on fun songs I love while continuing my lessons here in Hawaii. It's hard to find sheet music and I have found the stuff online really intimidating. Your website has given me just exactly what I was looking for! I'm gonna start with one of my all time favorite songs- “Aint Wastin Time No More”- so cool.


The Gospel Piano Lesson is Fantastic! Really, amazing ideas.


I am enjoying the lessons very much, finding there is just the right amount of structure to give me the push I need. Syncopation no longer feels like brain damage in the making. I like it that even at the beginner's level there are some catchy riffs to learn, and I look forward to moving upward in a few months.


Chuck… I am a longtime fan of yours through Sea Level, ABB, Stones, and on and on. The irocku method is like having an old friend show you some new songs and licks – it is a comfortable approach with a great vibe and equally great resources and tools. irocku makes it easy for any player to find a learning style that fits, whether it be video, charts, note-for-note, or exercises. You guys have some great song choices….I am enjoying your site very much – just trying to pick up whatever I can to keep improving….

Thomas H

I am classically trained pianist who has wandered into boogie woogie, ragtime and blues. So far, I have explored Professor Longhair's version of Tipitina; I really like the way you have done this. Many of the suggestions on the video are sound pedagogical and piano techniques. The explanation of the duple and triple rhythms and exercises of how to play them against one another is great... Good luck with your wonderful venture in musical instruction!


It doesnt matter how much you know..there is always something new to learn…thanks


Enjoying Honky Tonk Women. The licks I’ve picked up have breathed new life into my band’s cover of this song.


Muito Bom seus vídeos, Deus o abençoe!

Lucasi O

Just found your site and it is the best I've seen and I've been a member of quite a few. A great instructor too. I'm genuinely amazed at the levels offered and the sheet music, etc. "Jessica" is a fantastic tune which I am learning now. Dr John, Ray Charles are next on my list to download. Keep up the good work.


irocku has helped take a big step forward as piano student. I am very impressed with your lessons, I learn more than ever.

Hans R

I think the site is fantastic... These lessons are quite good. The best that I've seen for rock&blues. I think your concept and web design is excellent and well ahead of anything else that has ever been produced. The musician who does the instruction does an excellent job too. Congratulations to all of the work that obviously many people have done.

Michael S.

I am very excited to delve deep into these lessons. I have been playing your solos for about 20 years and have always been "missing" a few notes. Although, I am steeped in the blues, the blues and jazz books don't really cover the classic rock songs in the way that they infuse blues, rock and gospel . I'm very excited to hone these solos and get back out there to perform them.

Frank S

I just started with irocku and I love the lessons. That guy playing the piano in the lessons is great.

Nicolas A

What a great website - best I have ever seen. I am an advanced player and everything I see is either 1) too basic, or 2) too "abstract" in the sense that it doesn't have application to songs that I love to play. You resolve both of these concerns. Keep it up!

Dave S

“Love the irocku site. --- there's always been a huge void of quality piano tutorials on GOOD music out there on the web, and your website was a breath of fresh air. Don't change a thing about what you're doing… Love the irocku format, love the 7-level breakdown, love the irocku jam chart and the improv charts, terrific stuff.”

Dave V

“The irocku lessons are simply super and to watch and hear them just adds the finishing touches to a well conceived methodology of teaching techniques which are simply not available anywhere else.”

John A

“I'm very excited about the irocku service. Chuck is absolutely my musical inspiration and hero. I was happily surprised when it worked, and beautifully so, on my iPad!”

Jeff K

“Chuck, Thank you for irocku, its what I need! Stay in the groove !”

Richard V

“I'm learning “Honky Tonk Woman”. You guys have done a great job with this web site.”

Tom S

“I appreciate irocku’s tips on starting with the groove charts. My synapses are screaming, but I'm trying to groove them into submission Thanks again!”

Gary S

“Totally stoked. The irocku program is awesome!”

Ted E

“Well dadgum! I've dun an lernt somethin' t'day and the sun ain’t yet up. Thanks irocku. I'm making progress.”

Stan C

“I love seeing the foundation and structure of the songs. Having the different levels is a great idea…It's nice to find a level that will challenge you without overwhelming you. I wish irocku was around about 40 years ago!”

Arthur W

“The irocku format is terrific and the PDF quality is the best I've seen. You guys have something great brewing. “

Dan S

“I LOVED the irocku Gospel Rock Rhythm video. Exactly what I've been looking for. It's really great feeling like I'm getting in on the ground floor of what y'all are doing. Thanks again. Loving the “Let It Bleed lesson.“

Dave V

“The irocku lessons are great. Thanks!---The way you guys have 7 levels with printable sheet music is particularly useful and inspiring to move to the next level.”

Brian P

“Just wanted you and all the folks at irocku to know how much I am enjoying all of the material that you have placed on your website. The songs you have made available for piano and keyboard players are just fantastic. I had my own band in high school and in those days we developed our cover songs by listening to records over and over again for hours on end to pick out progressions and lyrics and licks. Imitation is a great teacher, but what I would have given to have access to the knowledge and the “how to” that is offered on your site.
I could go on and on, but I feel blessed to have stumbled upon It’s just super.”

John A

“Chuck, I can't tell you how much time irocku saved me in nailing “Southbound” for my 35th reunion with my old bandmates from New York, Uncle Charlies Band. irocku, keep up the great work helping rocker wanna be's sound better and better and most important sooner!!!”

Ed M

“I am surely excited at what I have found on your irocku site. It may be just the pathway I have longed for to reach higher musically…Thank you! “

Allen S

irocku is fantastic baby!! Very, very good!!!!”

Danielle C

“I’ve been a big fan for a very long time. Hearing Chuck’s smokin’ piano was one of the reasons I wanted to play the piano. I’ve been playing for over 30 years now... irocku is GREAT stuff. Love irocku, the stories and pictures. Great Idea...Keep up all the great work!”

Johnny B

"I really enjoy the 2 Professor Longhair irocku lessons. Thanks for the good work.”

Paul Z

“Many thanks to the irocku team for your great work... I am having a lot of fun (& work!) with "Hey Now". Stay in the groove !”

Richard V

irocku is great. I like the fact that you work through a song from beginner to advanced level, giving the student an opportunity to play something that sounds good regardless of his/her level of expertise. The $4.99 for 3 lessons is also a fair price for those who can't afford annual membership or those who only want to learn a few songs.”


“Great website…Really enjoy the irocku songs.”

Frank B

“I am a long time player of many instruments … I am truly impressed with irocku. Although I have played piano for many years and have had a lot of formal training, I've always been a play it by ear and feel musician. Being able to look over the shoulder of someone playing the licks is the way I learn it..... period. So keep the song list growing!”

Paul B

I'm having a blast with the lessons. I took piano lessons from age 8-13 but they were more like the "rather eat spinach” type. Now I'm 48 and starting to play in band and have been looking for good instruction to get rocking on keyboard. I've got a gig now in a band and needed to get up to speed fast! One of the songs I needed to learn was "Southbound". Couldn't find any good music for it.....UNTIL irocku! I've been working on the level 5 version and I'm having a BLAST! Gradually adding in some of the level 6-7 material as I get a handle on level 5. This is just what I needed to make that song rock with the band! I've also been working on “Sympathy for the Devil”. Again, it has the chops I need to make it rock! Love those mixolydian thirds in the improv section! I've adapted them for the verse sections as well (as well as into other tunes to spice them up!). irocku is really helping me build up my chops for rock piano!

Wayne G

irocku is the greatest thing since sliced bread for me. I've been working on all of the lessons for all of the songs that have been posted thus far. Keep on rockin'!”

John A

“All the songs you all are putting out are great! Thanks very much.”

Brian P

“Chuck-I was very excited to discover irocku since I spend a lot of time scouring the Internet for note-for-note rock keyboard lessons and transcriptions. I am a former classical piano player who is now transitioning into rock keyboards.”

Brian M

I'm enjoying the site. I love the blues and gospel oriented pieces. I know this site will help me improve. Come to Richmond and play. I saw you here years ago with Sea Level as well with the Allman Brothers and more recently with Warren Haynes. Enjoyed every minute of it.

Frank P

Chuck, THANK you for developing irocku-- the levels are particularly helpful for those of us floating somewhere between beginner and intermediate. Keep it comin'!


“Hello, I wish to convey my deep appreciation for irocku. After viewing my first lessons for “Let it Bleed”, I have to say I am feeling excited about trying to play the music of my heroes… I have always been deeply dissatisfied with the sheet music I could purchase, it frankly sounded nothing like the accompaniment I loved on the records. Your lessons offer me a new approach to understanding music. I feel I may eventually achieve the level of playing and understanding of music that I have until now only longed for. Thanks so much.”

Allen S

Hey Chuck! I’m a great fan of yours and your website is very, very good and very cool stuff….Thanx!!!

Jurgen W

“The irocku experience has been very rewarding for our son in his early piano career! He looks forward to his lessons and practicing everyday which is promising and encouraging! His classmates were so impressed by his playing that his teacher showed the irocku website to the entire class. Our son really enjoys watching the videos, which help him understand about how the pieces are constructed and the meaning behind their sound (rhythm, variations, dynamics, and an occasional historical association)"

Jagger C

Chuck, congratulations on your web site ! It is very professional, accurate, and easy to use. Rock 'n' roll music is rarely written for keyboards on sheet music and amateurs like myself do not have time to search the songs by ear. I really appreciate the groove charts and sheet music that you provide for the lessons. I can't wait to get the next lessons!

Bruno L

“What’d I Say” is absolutely AMAZING. irocku’s arrangement is spot on. All the existing sheet music for this song is horrible….Keep up the good work!!!

Paul Y

“Hey man, finally had my first rehearsal playing keys with a new band I've joined. Here's our first attempt at Southbound from last night. I'm playing mostly the Level 5 version - it's a great arrangement and works well with the band! irocku defiantly made me rock!!"

Wayne G

"I have cheated myself over the years by not learning and using blues and pentatonic scales and all the wonderful licks and riffs that are in the printed music available through irocku. And it is really special to pick up something from one of these songs and use it in other songs that I like or want to play….now it's a whole lot more fun.. Thanks for all that you do. Rock and roll forever”.

John A

I’m really enjoying the music I grew up with. I lived in Atlanta when the Allman’s were starting out and they played for free in the park Sundays – didn’t miss a one. You guys have an excellent product !!!

Steve R

“I think irocku is a great idea because in Italy the piano courses are for classical music; very few teach jazz. The irocku course is really good and you've chosen great music."

Antonio B

“I have been able to access the irocku site and have easily loaded up several lessons onto my iPad. It fits great on my music stand, making this a fantastic way for me to learn! I can read music, but not fluidly, so watching and listening is the quickest way to learn. A couple of years ago, I purchased Chuck’s instructional DVD and have enjoyed it, although it has been a bit out of my league. irocku is great for getting back into the basics like blues scales, the different rhythms and groove charts, then progressing from there. Pretty exciting stuff!”

Charlie R

“I think the irocku lessons are great for teaching, and great for performing!”

Cal D

“I am really diggin irocku and didn't realize that this is something that I've been looking for and needed for awhile. I've played keys in the Denver music scene for about 10 years. I've known that there are things I would like to get better at or like to learn overall. This program has really improved my playing and filled in music gaps for me that I was never able to figure out before. Having a teacher doesn't help me so much as my work and play schedule are too unpredictable to keep that going-- so this is perfect. I enjoy the songs that are provided-- some are songs I know but I've wanted to improve, like "Tipitina" or "Southbound". Some are songs that I would have never taken the initiative to learn but I'm glad I was pushed to do so as I have learned alot. Watching these lessons has me itching to go home and get back to my keys!”

Ethan I

“Chuck, I'm enjoying the irocku lessons. I love the song selections and the graduated lessons which allows you to progress from one level to the next. The groove charts, lessons, and exercises are well-integrated and really help you master the fundamentals. You and the irocku team are doing a wonderful job...”

Charles S

Thanks Chuck Leavell! I'm having great fun with the irocku lessons.

Laura D

Great site! - Love the songs.

Frank B

My son Jagger (age 10) was recently in a talent show at his school and performed 'What'd I Say' and 'Joy Boogie'. The crowd LOVED it! They yelled "encore." The more people hear Jagger play, the more they are inquisitive about who, how, and where he is learning how to play these songs and where this selection of songs is coming from ... Jagger's enthusiasm is tremendous and is everyday thrilled about improving and progressing on the piano.

Jagger C

Chuck-Just wanted to let you know that I’m loving the irocku lessons. I love the format; video coupled with written music lessons and instruction. I know working with these lessons is going to fill in a lot of gaps in my rock and blues playing. Looking forward to working with your lessons and enjoying the leaps in my playing that I know are going to come. Thanks again!

Jeff P

‪The Gospel Piano Groove Chart is very nice--best demo of this style I've seen!

irockumusic YouTube Channel

Thanks for the excellent piano tutorials, I enjoy them immensely.

Steve R

I love the New Orleans blues by prof longhair ... thanks !

Antonio B

I tried a sample irocku lesson and was quite impressed. That kid is pretty good! Thanks!!


Just purchased "Sympathy for the Devil" today. I just love the videos and the sheet music.

Paul A

The lessons I have downloaded are really good. The young man in the videos is ridiculously talented! The simple genius of these lessons is that the tougher pieces can be learned at a level 5 and the easier ones at 6 or 7.

Charlie R

Congratulations on the Grammy award. Can’t think of anyone who deserves it more. I feel honored, thankful and smart that I found your web site. I may never play exactly like you but, grateful that you’re sharing your experiences with the world.


I signed up for a membership. I was glad to see a site like this that’s devoted to rock piano! It’s mostly jazz or classical out there. I bought an instructional DVD of Chuck’s a couple of years ago and still use it. Keep up the good work!

Stephen P